With the initial intention of discovering; wandering where traditions and craftsmanship are still matter-of-course and prevalent to the last fully tact medieval Arab labyrinth that makes Fes, artisan project., was fashioned. Incepted in 2011, Nina Alami began designing with local craftsman - fourth generation weavers to cooperatives; infusing a mélange of colors and concepts into regional artistry to create her own playful perception of Berber blankets, towels and rugs. With a respect for traditions, fine textile design and production of hand woven textiles, Nina expanded into sourcing textiles and building partnerships between artisans and some of the biggest to the most illustrious labels, including New York fashion brand, EDUN. In offering consulting, design, and sourcing services, artisan project., further improves the lives of Moroccan master-makers by supporting artisans, their families, and villages, whilst helping to maintain the continuation of hand craft tradition and practice of sustainability and fair trade.